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I have been in the beauty industry for over 18 years. I received a MC College Scholarship from my cosmetology program, which lead me to achieve my hairstyling diploma. I continued my education through Aveda Canada, taking bridal hairstyling and makeup application. In 2023 I have advanced my makeup skills taking a makeup course through Selena Marchand (@selenamup), this winter I am enrolled in Bridal bootcamp in Ottawa with the amazing Kasia Fortuna! (@kasia_fortuna)

I knew I wanted to work in the beauty industry since I was very young. My house always seemed to be the getting ready location for school dances, where I would have all my friends hair and makeup, (including myself) looking like Brittney Spears’ latest music video!

Although I have been doing bridal for a long time I started Devoted to You in 2018, and have been focusing on weddings and photo shoots primarily. 

Some personal facts about me, I married my wonderful husband in Cabo San Lucas December 2019. We have two French Bulldogs named Pierre and Louis, if you have been to my house for your trial you have probably had your face washed in wet dog kisses! I am an amateur golf enthusiast, recently got my motorcycle license and ride a Harley. When I’m not hanging out with you beautiful ladies, you can find me on the course or riding through the mountains with my husband. 

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